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William Chvala

William Chvala

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Mr. Chvala (pronounced Koala, like the bear) came to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 1991 to work on energy performance evaluations of office equipment, building HVAC equipment, and lighting. Since then, he has been involved in numerous metering, data collection, demand-side management (DSM), and load-shedding projects. Previously, he worked briefly for a public electric utility and rural electric cooperative. He has been a Research Engineer in the Building Sciences and the Thermal and Electrical Systems technical groups at PNNL. Mr. Chvala's specialties include field data collection, utility data and rate analysis, and energy performance evaluations for Federal facilities and large military installations. He is also active in PNNL's long-standing program with the U.S. Army, helping them understand energy consumption on an installation level and identifying potential energy projects, fuel switching opportunities, load-shedding, and other operations improvements. More recently served as team lead for a partnership with the Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate, managing a large PNNL team providing analysis, planning, and direct project support for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability efforts.

Research Interests

  • Energy efficiency technology analysis and economics
  • Field data collection, technology demonstrations, and site audits
  • Federal sector energy consumption with emphasis in military installations
  • Technical assistance for Federal-sector energy-related activities

Education and Credentials

  • M.S. Environmental Science, Energy Emphasis, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
  • B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) by Association of Energy Engineers (April 1998 – present)
  • DOD Security Clearance to support work for the Army and Navy (2005 – present)
  • PNNL Authorized Electrical Worker (2007 – 2014)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Nominated for PNNL National Security Directorate, Business Developer of the Year (OTY) Award, 2013 and 2014.
  • Nominated for PNNL Energy and Environment Directorate, 2011 Cognizant Space Manager (CSM) of the Year (OTY) Award

PNNL Publications




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  • Chvala WD, Jr, WM Warwick, DR Dixon, AE Solana, MR Weimar, JC States, and RW Reilly. 2008. Renewable Energy Opportunities at Fort Hood, TexasPNNL-20219, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
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  • Brown DR, WD Chvala, Jr, and JA Dirks. 2006. Central Energy System Modernization at Fort Jackson, South CarolinaPNNL-16242, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
  • Chvala WD, Jr, DR Brown, and JA Dirks. 2006. "Central energy plant assessment strategy used at Redstone, Fort Jackson." Public Works Digest XVIII(5):25-26.  doi:




  • Brown DR, and WD Chvala, Jr. 2003. "Flywheel Energy Storage -- An Alternative to Batteries for UPS Systems." Chapter 68 in Energy and High Performance Facility Sourcebook / Proceedings of the 26th World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)., ed. Katrina Buff, pp. 487-497  Fairmont Press , Lilburn, GA. 
  • Anderson KJ, and WD Chvala, Jr. 2003. "Comparing Two Types of Magnetically-Coupled Adjustable Speed Drives with Variable Frequency Drives in Pump and Fan Applications." In Proceedings of 25th National Industrial Energy Technology Conference, pp. 69-76.  Texas A&M, Houston, TX. 


  • Chvala WD, Jr. 2002. "Technology Potential of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Systems in Federal Facilities." Energy Engineering 99(5):55-80. 
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